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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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welcome to al jazeera america, i'm del walters. these are the stories that we are following for you. >> there was no economic rationale for all of this. >> president obama telling congress to focus on the job at hand growing the economy. >> it's a relief. i'm really happy to be back. i love my job. i love my coworkers, so it's really good to be able to see them again. >> hundreds of thousands of federal workers are being welcomed back on the job. and mr. booker goes to washington, the newark major, getting a senate seat. ♪
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after 16 days, it is now starting to look like business as usual for the federal government. hundreds of thousands of employees are now back on the job, the nation's parks and historic sites are reopening, and president obama welcoming the deal that ended the government shutdown and saad the u.s. from default. >> these twin threats to our economy have now been lifted, and i want to thank those democrats and republicans for getting together and getting the job done. >> wall street seems worry about the impact. the dow down 34 points at this hour. the u.s. can still borrow money, but the deal has no concrete steps to reduce the nation's nearly $17 trillion debt. we begin with libby casey at capitol hill. what was the mood from the white
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house and capitol hill today. >> president obama was very serious in his comments. he wasn't whitewashing that has been going on in the last couple of weeks -- [ technical difficulties ] -- and credit is unharmed, it's not dinged by this experience and he thanked federal workers including those on his own staff. he also had a message to washington, and his colleagues down here on capitol hill, and he wanted them to start conversations especially as they head into another set of talks about the budget. here is what he had to say. >> now that the government has reopened and this threat to our economy is removed, all of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists, and bloggers, and talking heads on radio, and the professionals who profit from
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conflict, and focus on what the americans sent us here to do, and that is grow this economy. >> he talked about the irony that it did hurt the deficit. and that is ironic, because some of the republicans who were saying that it was worth really going to the mat to get some of their points across, one of the things they hold the most dear is trying to reduce the debt. so didn't work out that way. now everything starts to move forward on capitol here slowly. there is sort of a hungover effect really, but they have got to start looking forward to what is next, dell. >> talk about the gigham dog, and the calico cat, polls have put poxed on both sides. are the democrats celebrating?
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>> one thing that was worth noting is democrats were able to really hold their party together last night in both the senate and house, and that's pretty unusual at a time when there are so many different factions across the board. they supported the bill that passed. minority leader, nancy pelosi, the top democrat in the house addressed reporters just a few moments ago, and he said i didn't love this bill, i wanted it to be a longer extension, and i wanted to see a bigger budget number. this is actually a republican number she said, but she said we had to vote for the bill, because we had to get things up and running. she also took a harsh tone towards republicans. take a listen. >> was their temper tantrum worth $24 billion? i don't think so.
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perhaps they didn't know how costly it would be. who knew the exact figure. >> so not gloating, dell, but also pointing the finger, and she is saying that there is someone to blame in her opinion. >> libby despite all of this, there are republicans on the other side of the aisle saying right now that the fight must go on, so are we headed for the same nightmare come january? >> well, we are going to be seeing a couple of more important deadlines. the government is only founded through january, and the debt limit only raised until february. so yes, expect to see some big fights on the horizon. >> i had hoped you would have said something different, but you didn't. >> sorry. >> libby thank you very much. hundreds of thousands of government workers did go back to work today.
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roughly 800,000 furloughed when the shutdown began. some were called back to work a few days later, but those who spent 16 days away from the office, say they are just happy to be back. >> i'm a little disenchanted, but at least we get to provide the services to the community and the people that benefit them from. >> the deal will keep the government hope through january. wall street moving on following the agreement to temporarily fund the government and raise the debt ceiling, the dow as we mentioned falling today, as investors are now focusing on how thedown -- the shutdown effected the economy. john what is the economic read of what the house had to say today? >> well, i think first of all
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it's time to separate the story about the debt ceiling and the government being shut down from the dow jones because you can see at the moment the main market is down around 40 points, and that is because of some companies who are having difficulty in the market today. but really we're back to normal now. the market has put everything behind them and moved on. ta -- president obama talked about the full faith of credit in the united states not being questioned. i think it is being questioned. because people around the world who may have been on the wrong end of not getting their interest payments, they realize that republicans were willing to tie the brink. and jack lew saad the credit
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reputation is one of the united states greater assets. according to dow jones and also the s&p, the cost lost is around $24 billion. i know laid off workers, the furloughed workers will get back pay eventually, but there is two or three weeks that is gone where they won't be spending money. they won't be taking their sons and daughters to the zoo because now they are running into christmas time. so that's the situation regarding the way forward. it's unfortunately trickles down even to people who might for example have a food cart outside of the government building in washington, d.c. if those workers haven't been coming into the building, that means they haven't been buying
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food at the food cart on the way in in the morning and on the way out in the afternoon. so the estimation is $24 billion, but it could be a lot more. and that's a staggering amount of money to have been lost for no real reason. a lot of the information that wall street gets comes via the government, and these people here, the market makers and investors and economists are absolute information geeks. they love economic data, they cannot wait to find out what the latest inflation figures or employment data is. and they were robbed of the jobs numbers for this month. so they have to wait until it is published later this month or until we get november figures.
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>> john thank you very much. cory booker has now been elected to fill the seat of senator frank laudenberg. >> i will bring more voice to the voicing often ignored in our state. if you voted for me, i will make you proud. if you didn't -- [ cheers and applause ] >> -- if you didn't vote for me, i will work every single day to earn your trust. >> booker will be the first african american senator from new jersey. care -- caroline kennedy is
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the new u.s. ambassador to japan. she will be the first woman to hold the job of ambassador to japan. syria's deputy prime minister says an international conference could take place by the ebb of next month. the goal is to find a diplomatic solution to the war in that country. despite the violence, an official from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons says their work is about halfway down. >> reporter: the chemical watchdog says it is half about way through phase one. the spokesperson did say after november the 1st, syria will no
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longer have the ability and capacity to manufacture chemical weapons or mix chemical agents or load ammunition with chemical weapons. they are working on dates to hold the geneva conference on syria will be on november 22nd or 23rd. those are approximate dates. and the syrian deputy prime minister said in a news conference that they having a agreed with russian officials and also with some un officials that the dates for the geneva two on for instance will be around 22nd or the 2 -- between the 22nd or the 24th of november. >> omar, thank you very much.
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up next on al jazeera america, ebay is getting ready for a bad holiday season, and they are blaming the government shutdown for all of the problems. >> hi i'm phil torres coming up this week on techknow >> it's gonna get bumpy over here, it looks like... >> we dropped like a rock... ...and then you experience zero g's >> this is a modified dc 8 with about 28 different instruments on the outside... >> it's one wild ride... >> we're flying at 300 feet over the gulf of mexico... >> climb aboard nasa's laboratory in the sky... >> techknow - 7:30 eastern on al jazeera america
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riot police have clashed with high school students on the streets of paris, they are protesting the deportation of a 15-year-old girl. the teen was taken into custody by authorities while she and her classmates were on a feel trip. >> reporter: anger erupted in the french capitol as hundreds of school students walked out of classes to demonstrate. there were clashes with riot police. the students are furious about the deportation of a classmate. she says she was taken off of a school bus like a criminal and
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detained. >> translator: the expulsion is particularly shocking because it was done in a school environment. the schools of the republic should have values of inclusion and living together. it's not tolerable that students with or without documents are expelled. everybody has a right to an education. >> reporter: she is now in kosovo with her family, but they all want to return to france. they fled kosovo five years ago, because they are roma, and face discrimination. >> reporter: here in parliament pressure is growing on the interior minister. the is caught between popular demands to curve immigration, and those who are outraged by the treatment of roma people here in france. manuel faced international criticism last month when he called for roma people to be
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deported, saying their lifestyle does not fit in with the french. >> translator: a mistake has been made, the warrants will be canceled. this family will come back, and its situation will be examined and re-examined. [ applause ] >> reporter: the french police say her case was handled correctly, after an asylum request was rejected, but what started as a local case has become a national controversy. we're now starting to see the signs of how the government shutdown is impacting american consume consumers. ebay says consumer confidence has been rattled by the
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washington situation. spending for holiday shopping is predicted to be 2% lower than last year. consumers are questioning the stability of the economy, the government and their own finances. lockheed martin is letting go of 600 employees. and amazon might be dialing into the smartphone business. bloomberg is reporting the company is in talks with htc to develop handsets. the phone would allow users to access amazon's instant video service. it's not hog heaven for some harley owners. harley davidson recalling 29,000 bikes. they say it is a problem with the hydraulic clutch system.
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harley doesn't even want the owners to drive to the dealership for repairs it will pick up the bikes at no charge. a lot of adjunct professors rely on welfare. >> reporter: when darren brown became a university professor, he never imagined his career would end on such a low. >> i envisioned that i would climb this ladder, and as you can see, i did not climb the ladder. i'm in my parent's basis. >> reporter: he taught classes to rave student reviews, but as a an adjunct professor, earning as little as $1,100 a month, he
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couldn't make enough to get buy. 40 years ago part-time professors comprised just over 20% of higher education faculty. by 2009 the ranks have swelled to over 50%. in ohio maria was less than a month away from the start of classes before she learned whether the course she had been contracted to teach would go ahead. >> it creates a problem because i don't know how to prepare. >> reporter: fed up they have created to organization to raise awareness. raising questions with some potentially serious implications. because there's a growing body of evidence that working conditions for adjuncts could be
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impacting students. >> the students that takes lots of classes with adjuncts have lower graduation waits. they don't tend to move from two year to four-year institutions. and we also know it effects their performance in future courses. >> reporter: it is not the quality of profresz ors but cuts in budgets. at san francisco state university, where darren brown used to teach, the president is freeing up money for more full-time hires. >> the discuss is just starting. >> reporter: but not in time for darren brown. >> teaching was my passion, and i wasn't rewarded for that.
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as we go to break, wall street [ technical difficulties ] together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you. that's all i have an real money. victoria azarenko my name is ranjani chakraborty, i'm from houst
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welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. here are your headlines. >> there's no go ahead reason why we can't govern responsibly. despite our differences. without going from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis. >> president obama telling lawmakers to focus on the jobs they were sent to washington to do, calling on congress to look ahead to work on america's economy. and thousands of federal workers did just that, they went right back to work. some as early as this morning. they are also getting back pay. all of that part of the budget deal that was finalized last night. and democrat cory booker won the seat of the late senator
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frank lautenberg who died in june. millions of people from around the globe are expected to take part in the world's largest earthquake drill. and california is among the states participating. jennifer london is live in los angeles. >> we seem to be having difficulty with the live shot. one of the problems with the quake could be communications, and that appears to be the case even when the quake is fake. we are going to take a look at wall street right now, this being an indication that things are back to normal. today things are back to normal
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as we see investors starting to sell off some of the profits they have been making over the past few days and concerns about the upcoming holiday shopping season. dire forecasts being predicted there. i'm meteorologist dave warren. a look at your weather, first off we'll start across the country where the temperatures will be changing rapidly and quickly mainly in the midwest. some warmer temperatures expected here initially, and then it drops as the cold front moves through. the radar and clouds shows there is not much happening as far as rain goes here. let's focus first on these temperatures, right to the midwest, this is how they'll change. up to 70 in oklahoma city. wichita close to 70, quickly warming up here this morning. now this afternoon here comes this front through, by tomorrow
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morning down below the freezing mark or just at the freezing mark, below freezing in denver, there, 28 degrees. and wichita, ka ks -- kansas climbing only into the 40s by 11:00. all of this rain will be with a storm which is moving along this front that came through. tried to bring the cool area, but now it has stalled. there is the rain in ohio, moving through pennsylvania. here is where it is over the next 24 hours. pennsylvania, and heavier up through egg new england. by tomorrow, saturday, and sunday, it does clear out, so it pushes off of the coast, takes the rain with it, but not the warm air.
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francisco is a typhoon and we're watching this closely because as it develops the track heading right for areas that were already hard hit in japan. >> dave warren thank you very much. we have now reestablished communications with jennifer london, who is weathering a fake quake in los angeles. jennifer, where are you. >> reporter: dell, sorry for the technical problems. it might be because we just had a simulated quake hit california. it's all part of the great shakeout, 2013. moments ago a major earthquake was simulated. you see we have a number of students on the floor. many are injured. the idea here is engage in earthquake preparedness. do the teachers, students, and
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emergency personnel know what to do. in a few moments the fire department will be arriving to help facilitate the rescue. one of the sub themes, fires. they estimate should the big one hit california, 1500 to 1600 fires will break out. they will simulate a fire in up with of these classrooms very shortly. >> jennifer london joining us live from los angeles. based on the images there, it appeared the media knew what to do. once again it was a fake quake there. nirvana leading the list of nominees for the rock and roll hall of fame class for 2013. bands of the groups kiss, yes, and hall and oats will also see their names inducted. also ll cool j, and many others. thanks for watching al jazeera.
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i'm del walters. "talk to al jazeera" is next. ♪ >> senator bernie sanders, independent of vermont, is a rarity in american politics. >> yaiblgly yied, i'm depressed i'm disgusted. >> from the russell senate office building on capitol hill. senator


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